I can't rap I know, I give up, screw it
I set myself a goal and I can't live up to it
I have no self control, I just can't fukin' do it
I'll never be a pro, why did I even pursue it?
I guess I thought it would be fun, I thought I was fluent
But apparently I was the only one who thought I knew what I was doin' when I was doin' it
And every time in every rhyme when I was done none of them were confluent
So basically I'm just a fukin bum and all I do is ruin' sh1t when I'm spewin' it
I bring nothin' new in it, my flows are basic
I thought I was groovin' it but let's face it
I play with what talent I've got and basicly just waste it
I thought I was hot but I can't see none of y'all, even wit' lasik
Really though I stay sick and I'm a master of sarcastic resurgence
I drop real sh1t, real quick, it's a classic emergence
So with wit I spit and with passion that's urgent, I'm smashin' insurgence
When I get in this mood I get in, I get lit and I don't know how long it'll last it's fervent it's...

The reign of the dark one, BackInBlack, The Sandman
Been wit' it since day one, Rap Attacks like a lyrical Van Damme
Blam! Blam! Get smoked like a Chong Joint, boy, I'm on point, yes I am
You can get slammed by an avalanche of vocabulary
So don't tary in the pathway unless you want a muhfuka to meet ya halfway wit' the axe I carry
The axe I bury in ya back and carry you and bury you in the back of the cemetery
Sh1t's just logical, not mythological, far as I know it's you that's been a fairy
So long ya no longer think it's a sin to marry
I'm in a very, devilish mood, and oh well if it's crude, I don't give a sh1t that it's rude
I'm up in this bich wit' an attitude, no gratitude, I'm mad at you
Coz I'm mad, insane as the mad hatta dude
No concept in my mind inside of longitude and lattitude
So keep ya mouth shut homie, until the rap is through
I probably got demons on me, and I bet they laugh at you
I've been droppin acid too
But I'm on top and I'll devour ya like the crock in Lake Placid fool