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    Default life

    everyone free to post a relevant verse


    i grow stronger each day
    though the changes cause so much strain
    but i aint faithless or hopeless
    cz its my life and i wont halt for less*2

    verse 1
    have you ever wondered how your life would be
    moving down through your life hood in your prison would you ever see
    every step a mistake ..every mission a failure
    yeah..the strength it takes faded in growing pains
    destiny far away..
    succumbing to the deadly sores..a felony pity
    but I'm a soldier keep the faith and struggle
    crash my ankle..still i won't stumble
    or grumble...but accept my destiny
    and love my enemies though they ain't embracing me
    they hating me and lie that they care for me
    only to leave when betraying me
    and though i walk on concrete..thorn grass i won't break
    snap i won't creak..strain on all stakes
    gaze through the blank eyes of a child soldier
    craving solace from Baghdad to the ice frontier

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    yea..its strange how the pattern's all changed
    how the mark's all set..written and paged
    stored in a cage..broken and left in a rage
    of fire claiming he's awaiting salvation in this day and age
    like rebirth in hell when life plays its incarnate..
    i call it fate..shaping destiny though its late
    sleepless in the night when the darkness on the gate
    keeping the faith cs its standard is the stalemate


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    aah! it's a nightmare again..hush baby you go to sleep
    mommy and daddy are here..lose the fear cz we would keep
    watching,caring,protecting and loving you
    and you never alone cz we always here for you
    yeah..say the word it ain't fair
    cz I'm awaken and they ain't there
    trudging this sole path with my cold flare
    broken heart with a hollow soul and my feet bare
    and I'd claim my memory's blurred as i write this song
    let you reflect upon every word along
    the way..let you get what i got to say
    like dear god we pray..hey
    through the eyes of a child soldier..ain't no home
    so i got to grow bolder through every boulder
    and i have my brother,he is the same
    trudge as one..always following lead
    smoking some weed..and the chance to shoot to kill
    gun powder in the air but who cares
    run for your life cz ain't knowing no fear
    it's guerrilla warfare..lost to reappear
    and coming from school ..taking a cold shower
    do the math homework and read some Tom Sawyer
    but its the math teacher..scheming for canal features
    it's all sower..ain't no peace from all over I'd stick to the streets
    torn shorts,no shirt and cold feet
    I'm bleeding..but I'm still breathing
    ain't giving up cz I'm still living
    breaking chains that bar me from coursing in the wind
    pains that cause it to brim..of course its too grim
    cz it caused me believe it wasn't me for this dream
    this is my time I'm gone glow it extreme
    forge my own path through the storm and dark pathways
    oceans and rock mountains..and its so certain
    that I'm coming home again..stand on a cliff and aim for the sky
    reach for the stars and grabbing the last sun rays...

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    am still empty one on my side
    making strides..on lonely rides
    but i won't abide to earth's laws that will collide
    with my instincts besides it's still me inside
    this cycle so i struggle going to college
    but its still me in the after-strife..they allege
    guaranteed hell..contain the rage
    of deem success before the fire consumes the page
    you've written..forbidden from falling in love
    when it comes like the rain and you duck like a dove
    damn!she's right here n i look in her eyes
    her faith in me and that you see ignites the fire in me
    i won't stop at nothing for this child to see
    the light that this life has kept barred from me
    in between jobs was sacked from the last one
    so he'd be feeding from the backstreets and the trash can
    and dear,though you ain't here, it's engrained
    in my brain, the day when the dry sky would rain
    pour some liquor in memory..I'll make it ah!
    i promise ya..till it's said and done, be sailing on...


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    i may be sinking in this ship..titanic in the middle of this sea
    hold my breath..gasping..gulping a swallow in this deep
    yelping ice in this heart...paced to its key
    irrespective of the encompassing creep
    titanium breastplate..chest intact..bends the sword of hurt
    aches and love heart's bent takes
    mistakes unseen..before the thunder shutters the present stakes
    walk through the flames and burn..stepping on thorns and dirt
    damn...I'm done dealing it
    done living this life when i choke in it
    ground in this rain with no umbrella..i soak in it
    and haters they all wishing it
    so i step on the gas and drive through the fallen trees
    passed the stinging bees
    and i see the dim light through the hoary seas
    sailing passed the thawing freeze...

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    i was feeling that...nice work!!!
    come check my page out

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    thanx..i'll check it out.

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