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  1. DarX123 said:

    Talking A Janet Jackson song

    I just want to know the title of a song I once heard in a dance club: '...can't just be intellectual, the way I feel is sexual.' If anyone knows the title that goes with these lyrics please help me out!!! I don't think I was in the 'Twilight Zone' when I heard it.
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    Vette said:


    Could it be "Sexual" by Amber? http://youtu.be/W9ebS85Kfyw
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  3. DarX123 said:


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    Could it be "Sexual" by Amber? http://youtu.be/W9ebS85Kfyw
    Wow! Yes, that's it! I have to admit that night in the club I was dancing, drinking, and feeling that phrase and I was so sure it was Janet Jackson. But you were right-it's Amber. I really, really thank you. I'm dancing again and feeling...