Gotta lift up my raps with hydraulic jacks
Coz my bars are so large, otherwise they would collapse
Under the weight of wonder and greatness
That's why you muthafukas hate this and underrate this
But y'all caint escape this, my sh1t is canonized
I put it down every day b1tch, go ahead and analyze
And you will find I epitomize the nuances of a lyrical mastermind
I have gone outta my way to prove this time after time
On line after line in rhyme after rhyme and I'm sick of it
It's time for you chumps and punks to admit who's really kickin' it
With' that wicked sh1t that you cain't fuk wit no matter what
I keep knockin' 'em out the park, so batter up
I've had enough of y'alls denial
I gave y'all the memo but ya'll act like ya lost the file
With the stats from wicked raps where I slayed y'all
And caused a lot of y'all to go awol