imagine this song smashed to ****
run down like overkill by a amateur with
brake lines cut this happenin kid
go head hate my guts I'm still crafty as ****
i get it, I know sound white throw jabs I'll accept em
I'll throw back no black accent still get your head spun
be spinning for days head over heals leave you dumb
you can't categorize me cause whites off the spectrum

wit, quick feet maybe sick flow over the bars, or wordplay for weeks
that's, ABC or D y'all got one and had enough
and I got E all the above
listen, I know I'm just another kid shittin on you
thinkin he killing it wishing bliss was oblivious to
accolades or recognition but unfortunately
it isn't, so I'm writing this n givin it up for peer review

Just a verse I put together wondering if I should continue and make a song out of it. here's the beat I wrote it to: