I'll not compromise my art
And write simple drivel for the masses
I'd rather sit in the dark
Staring through tinted glasses
And not write anything at all
Than keep it basic for morons and casual fans
Who listen to cheap pop
And don't really understand
Whether it's country, rap or rock
They only listen to what is in at that moment
And they never really stop
To think about what is all on it
And who did what
Or what was there level of involvement
No heart or art so cookie cutter fluff
Is the only term that I know to call it

If I have to keep my song simple and formulated
To get these stupid radio deejays these days to play it
Then I'd rather stay complex and unregulated
Like a miser who keeps his masterpieces locked in the basement

And I'm not worried about these thunder clouds
Because I am safely secure within the underground
Because I'm a lone wolf, a renegade
I'm a lone wolf, I'll always innovate, never imitate