My bars are so large I could charge muthafukas to carry 'em
I told y'all from the start I'm a shark and y'all are tiny fish in this aquarium
I advance in my battle stance after I dance wit' the plants in my herbarium
Then I massacre amateur competitors like a predator and word bury 'em
So welcome to my planetarium where I compose symphonies for the masses
Strike mics like matches and leave slow molasses punk 4sses in ashes
Tell me where the cash is, I flow like Cassius and ya caint surpass this
I'm passed p1ssed, I left that sh1t where the past is so I could spit acid and smash this
So let me tell ya what the forcast is, cloudy with a 99 percent chance of 4ss whippin'
That's why you f4gs trippin', meanwhile I'm in the lab sippin'
Cognac, grippin' my ballsack, rippin' wit' somethin' different that's written
The beast has risen, on the hunt for any cun7 that lacks hittin'
Smokin' blunts, I'm a fact spittin' criminal with a pen and a pad, it's madness
I'm the cok of the walk wit' a hen at my pad, it's practice
For when I break into porn, she's a sworn actress but a little bit tactless
These people think I'm evil, but I don't spit backwids, I exact this

And I stay high
And I say die
To hatas, coz they lie
Every day I
Kill with it
My skill's wicked
I for real kick it
And then wave bye

Bye, bye, bye
Mothafukas, punk b1tches
It's Eye as I
B-I-B... Ole Evil E-Y-E...


Coz I see no obstacles, I feel unstoppable as of late
I'm droppin' dishes on you b1tches, so have a plate
Ya think ya can rap? Ya caint. Ya just aggrivate
A man that's not only a fan that thinks that rap is great
But a magistrate of ill hip hop bomb drops
And I wont stop till I'm on top, I got this game on lock
No ad hoc sad pop unworthy of even a dirty pawn shop
But non stop rockin' it against obstenate con jocks
That recycle con jobs from past lyrical endeavors
When they've actually factually never been clever
I'm better than better and I mean every known letter
Plus I'm a stone setter so you can get ya dome severed
Coz my rhymes slice like surgical steel
My words are that real, like verbs ya can feel
Versatile still, my personal will keeps me searchin' the field
For a foe worthy of vermin appeal

So if ya don't get this
Ya probably never will, it's Eye as I
And I am my own apprentice, in this