beaufitul soundbite (indian? language?) i need to know the original interpreter

Thread: beaufitul soundbite (indian? language?) i need to know the original interpreter

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  1. nonCommonMusicLover said:

    Default beaufitul soundbite (indian? language?) i need to know the original interpreter

    Hello, im new to this forum. I live in germany and have easterneurope roots. My english is not very good, but i will try my best. I love listen to non common music, i don't like these modern music not much. I find a lot of soundbites in the internet and i use a website to identifying the interpreter, but sometimes it won't work. I had a lot of situations like this and never found the interpreter of these soundbites. Just like today.

    I found a soundbite, that careeses my ears. I was questioning the owener from which this soundbite came from, but he said, that he won't tell me. That's like a stroke in the heart for me. I mean, he is the only one who has the knowledge about the interpreter. Nevermind.

    The soundbite was a little bit edited, the speed was pulled down and i made it a little bit faster, i guess that must been the original speed of the song. I hope someone know the interpreter. Or can tell me actually wich language it is, and maybe also which genre it might be. I would be very thankfull. I will check out this website as well and try to help someone if i can.

    Here's the soundbite:
    (edit better quallity)

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  2. Nazran said:


    Unfortunately i do not know the language or the song... But may i ask, what website do you use to identify music?
  3. nonCommonMusicLover said:


    - i hope it is okay to post links here, the website i use sometimes is midomi[.]com



    It's not in Armenian, either. Just my opinion, but I don't think it's in any particular language. It sounds like a foreign stylized jazz-type thing like skatting or so.
  5. Nazran said:


    I might be very, very far off here. But if i had to guess i would say this is some African styled music, normally Indian (i am generalizing) is accompanied by some instrument at all times, and they usually do not have the same rhythmic way of singing as the singer in your music piece does.
    It sounds like the break at a west African soukousse music/Congo.

    But to me, this does not sound hindi, my neighbours are tamil and even though the tamil and hindi languages are not from the same language family, they do share some of the same sounds/ways of pronouncing.
    In my opinion it is some African language, even though i am no expert in African accents or languages.
    Be mindful however that this is my opinion, and i am sure that i am wrong.
  6. nonCommonMusicLover said:


    I have made a better quallity of this soundbite: can you listen again. i read out that you all have a little knownledge, it's better then nothing.
    I think also it can be from a movie or from a documentary or even a videogame. If someone could tell me which language it is, i will search the whole internet of this language