Being young and having a daughter clearly meaning ima father but the problems keep on gettin larger so daddys job is to find em n each of em slowly start to slaughter. Make em feel like they shouldnt have even bothered my7month baby girl adalynn I promise il keep on battlelinn for mamma will be no more mad at dad again but really my baby mama which loves to cause drama and says I **** hoes when really I was workin far while she was tryna play it off and her whole family wanna act like they know when she was fuking someone else and told me she just kept me for my looks instead to see where the future would have to took and lust , I onced dreamed of her fades away like when cold wind blows dust. But I know in life what is a must and **** being on the streets doing tweak how the **** was Issupposed to see if I weren't me but now I am who I am maybe light a joint but never do no crack simply cuz my daughter doesn't need her daddy doing all that. Just continue to visit n drop off clothes n food for my baby stays in a good mood and yes don't tell me I didn't cuz even my friends say ima good dude. Went from getting lost in the street to workin n now supporting my baby girl reason why im feelin free to spit to this beat and I know yal cant hear the instrumenal but as you can see its one where you see how real u ban be n be confidential so don't go n pik up a pencil n just write the same **** that half the people do be different be u cuz nobody can cop that and *****s sayin they all got straps but honestly what is that if you cant handle fighting like a man. Oh yes it's because u gotta clan that uses guns ..w.e happen to fukin one on ones I was down... ready to scrap while yal were fukin paranoid riding with a tool on your lap so who needs a tech cuz with just the 2 hands givin frm my mamma I can snap your whole crews neck. So im headin out with these thoughts of realness and maybe even be seen as a lyricist but **** it I hope yal feelin this im out