Hi, I wrote this in 30mins after watching a film and would like it reviewed but not a Simon Cowell style one. It is not\near finished as I have held the main chorus and this is my very 1st attempt at a song but it looks like a poem the more I read:

The Land stays silent:

Life in the trees, the silence under the moon, where have they gone?
The air we need, the price we pay, surely this is no theft.
Land laying dead, trees left uncovered and Bereft.
Do we leave our world abandoned?

Screams left unchecked, prayers left unseen, who is left to comfort?
The air we need, the price we pay, surely this is no theft.
Numbers are lost, creatures are spent, whos is left to fault?
Why do we leave our world abandoned?

Pilfering takes place, with no means to trade and who is betrayed?
Denials are loud, remorse not given so who is left to blame?
Profits we seek, greed the goal and the story still the same,
How can we leave this world forsaken?

Laws left unspoken, acts left unchecked and our planet is taken,
No language is spoken, honour no bounds so why are we afraid?
Weathers darken, storms more common and still it is not man-made,
But they still choose defiance to remain unshaken.