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    Love this guys music, but would like to understand the lyrics. Obrigado!
    Could not find original lyrics.
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    Tuilepá nanoa
    Tororô sororô

    Olofim Oduduá // Olofim Oduduá
    Rei de fé // king of faith
    celebrava sua festa // used to celebrate his party
    no início da colheita // at the beginning of the harvest
    uma grande multidão // crowds of people
    se reunia no palácio real // used to gather in the royal palace
    pra louvar com seu tambores // playing their drums to praise
    Olofim e seus amores // Olofim and his lovers

    Bebiam vinho de palma // They used to drink the palm wine
    comiam muito inhame // and to eat much yam
    quando o pássaro maldito se aproximou // and then, when the damn bird approached

    Odé caçador frecheiro de aruanda // the hunter Odé the acher from aruanda
    veio nos salvar da ave maldita // came to save us from the damn bird
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