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    This has taken me a few hours and I have never done this kind of thing before. Hopefully this may invoke some interest or ways of how it could be improved. These are just lyrics as I cannot play an instrument but I have to shut myself away and concentrate on one subject until its finished:

    Passing of Wildlife

    Sun shines bright and born to the day,
    Trees are dropped
    and wilderness fades away.
    To Reap the harvest
    And you betray the nations
    Our hopes high but actions shallow.
    Can we repair the
    Passing of wildlife.

    Cries rejected and
    prayers refused
    Homes are lost and
    Alone they endure
    We devour the forests
    Harvest the seas
    Why did we praise the
    Passing of wildlife.

    Caged for life and freedom gone
    But Faith the same
    In our sense of shame
    We sing their numbers are rising.

    Raids takes place
    With no means to trade
    Denials are loud and
    remorse not given
    Who is left to blame?
    Profits we seek, mad for money and greed the goal
    Can we allow the
    Passing of wildlife.
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    Default Til the Day..

    My last attempt was not quite right and I know better ones can be done:
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