Saad Ramadan - El-Bayt El-Lebnani (سعد رمضان - البيت اللبناني) lyrics

Thread: Saad Ramadan - El-Bayt El-Lebnani (سعد رمضان - البيت اللبناني) lyrics

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    SongCat said:

    Post Saad Ramadan - El-Bayt El-Lebnani (سعد رمضان - البيت اللبناني) lyrics

    To all you wonderful Lebanese-speakers....

    I am just desperate to get the Arabic lyrics of this song, Saad Ramadan's "El-Bayt El-Lebnani" (سعد رمضان - البيت اللبناني) which I LOVE, but I can't find them anywhere. With my Arabic I can only make out about half of it, which is sooo frustrating. Here's the link to the song:

    Hopefully someone can do print out the lyrics, please please PLEASE!!!! (And...ummm.....not to be greedy, but an English translation would be wonderful too...??)

    Thanks in advance,

  2. 1inamillion1 said:


    Here you go :-)

    مش رح انسى البيت البيت الي رباني
    بحضنو اتربيت وهو ما بينساني
    شو كانت حلوة العيشة ويجتمعوا الأحباب
    ونقعد تحت العريشة القدام الباب
    على هيصة وغناني
    على هيصة وغناني
    وتتعمر حلقات الدبكة
    عالمنجيرة و عالدربكة
    وختيارة مهضومة وحركة
    ترقصنا على الماني
    ايدي بالمنقل مشغولة
    وأمي عم تجبل تبولة
    وتعلى الزقفة ودق طبولة
    وتبقى الساحة ولعانة
    بيتي للنسمة مرجوحة
    بضيعة خير وبحبوحة
    ورح تبقى بوابك مفتوحة
    يا بيت اللبناني
    بيتي الكانو حجارو دابو
    من يوم الي حبابو غابو
    رح ارجع رقصلو اعتابو
    وخليها فرحانة
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    SongCat said:


    Thank you SOOOO much!!!! Now I can hear all the words I missed!!

    Is there any chance anyone could do a proper English translation of it? I've been trying over and over but all my attempts end up sounding incredibly awkward and un-colloquial. I would be ever so grateful.....thank you so much in advance!!!

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    SongCat said:


    Sorry to keep begging, but is there ANYONE out there who do a proper English translation for these lyrics? I was hoping to be able to do it myself, but I'm still missing a few key words and colloquialisms. Would anyone be willing to do it? I'm halfway there with the original lyrics (I don't need a transliteration), now all I need is a decent English translation. I just love this song and Saad Ramadan!

    Should I post the lyrics in a new thread, asking for a translation? The thing is, I'd want to make sure that all credit for the lyrics goes to 1inamillion, not to me! So not sure if it would be appropriate to do this a a separate post.

    Please, could someone help??? PLEEEEEEEEEASE??? I promise to stop begging!!!