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  1. feuersteve's Avatar

    feuersteve said:

    Default Posting in Non-English forum.

    I see a lot of threads in the Non-English forum, but for specific languages, often Turkish or Arabic. Can or should an admin or moderator more these posts to the correct language section?

    Also there is a thread in the German thread asking for lyrics for an Arabic song (to be translated into German).
    Can someone move this to the proper section?

    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.
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    Tania ATL said:


    Thanks Steve! Misplaced post moved to Arabic section.

    As to your first request - we'll have to think about it. Originally, "Identify it" was dedicated to lyrics requests in all languages. Then, it was easier to separate English-language songs from non-English. It seems, now it's time to separate several major non-English languages from the rest.