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  1. Xilina said:

    Default Elena Paparizou - unknown song....

    Can someone help me with a song from Elena Paparizou?

    In the refrain the main words are like " ma pali....."

    It's playing on the Radio Faros Fm today at 17:00 (time of Austria)

    Would be nive
  2. Xilina said:


    I hav seen on my Handy that the song is from Elena Paparizou but after a short time the Handyakku was empty
    The titel of the song is something with m.......
    I Can't find it on youtube
  3. Isabella said:


    You can write to the email-address of Radio Faros FM and ask them which Elena Paparizou song they played at 18:00 (because of the time).

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    Mimi0920 said:


    Müsste dieses Lied sein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5f_zznoLAM
    LG Mimi