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  1. ghaw2007 said:

    Lightbulb Constant Hunger

    Constant Hunger

    Verse 1
    All these little rejections build up in your soul
    Being turned away crushes your self-esteem
    All these little let-downs surround you ever so slowly
    To the point where they're about to consume you
    Disappointment is such a drag
    All these little distortions ingratiate themselves into your mind
    Your belief system is based on lies and propaganda
    All these little unpleasantries make for ruined situations
    It's challenging to generate momentum and to keep it progressing

    Verse 2
    All these little recollections buried deep within your psyche
    Flashes of the past burst through like a manufactured hurricane
    All these little anomalies becoming a nuisance
    Plans are adjusted and cancellations are put into effect

    Verse 3
    All these little machinations developing sight unseen
    Theories abound when they're finally revealed
    All these little medications destroying what's left of your health
    Natural functions are being replaced through artificial means

    Trinkets no longer appease you
    Gadgets don't appeal to you
    Substance is intoxicatingly desirable

    You're wanting more out of life
    But are left unsatisfied
    You give more than you receive and feel under-appreciated
    Attempting to explain yourself causes misunderstanding
    This is how constant hunger dwells in you

    Written by B. (Wednesday, July 23, 2014)
    Copyright 2014
  2. Jim Colyer's Avatar

    Jim Colyer said:


    I can relate. I've been hungry a long time.
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    Doug Denslowe said:


    I'm always curious what Jim Colyer is going to say on your posts..................