Orange Juice

Verse 1
Orange juice sustains me without fail
Wholesome in a variety of ways
I was unfamiliar with the taste of it
So I was hesitant to give it a try
Once I saw how others responded to it
I sensed that I was missing out on something fulfilling
One day I searched for a glass
And was surprised by the reaction I experienced
For the better, I was changing

Verse 2
Existing is going through the motions of life
When you're under and alone, you don't give it much though
Being alive is seeking events to partake and revel in
When you do so, your true self is revealed
Every part of you flourishes
A stream of satisfaction will float through you
You'll be rich beyond measure
It will seem like a dream
But, oh yes, it's real

Verse 3
I'm grateful to be healed by its grace
And now I'm convinced that everyone deserves orange juice
However small or big the amount may be
Every drop is precious
None of it should ever go to waste
I'll teach another what I've been taught
Creating special experiences is inspiring and everlasting

Contently full
Great and rewarding supply
Pure and simple, orange juice is good for me

Written by B. (Sunday, August 3, 2014)
Copyright 2014