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Thread: The Battle

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    Unhappy The Battle

    Wanna hear about my problems?
    Kissing boo boos ain't gon' solve 'em
    Resolution's a simple solution
    That ain't gone never dissolve 'em

    So My resolve is paper thin
    Sit with this paper and pen
    Seeking paper
    Forever chasin'
    Wastin' this ink is a sin

    So again
    Another dark and lonely night is my friend
    Shadow boxing against myself
    It's starting to feel like a trend

    That's me
    Mr. Trend setter
    Better figure it out
    My opponent is stronger than me
    This battles making me doubt

    Yeah I'm stout and strong
    But right feels wrong
    It's losing its clout
    I'm standing next to a precipice
    And it's a long way down

    I'm looking up
    And yet I'm stuck
    My feet are glued to the ground
    The only sound I hear's
    Blood in my ears
    Heart's starting to pound

    Is it excitement or fear?
    Or is acceptance more likely?
    Eyes are starting to tear
    These thoughts are just not like me

    Or it might be
    That life has finally lived it all up
    Cause when you live in a rut
    This life is never enough

    No longer even capable
    Of simply giving a ****
    **** it
    I'll give a **** a ****
    **** life
    I'm giving it up

    Give it up
    For all the brawlers
    That live to fight till today
    And pour it out
    For all the brawlers
    That lost their fight
    It's a shame

    I've felt this feeling before
    When the sun comes it's gone
    Just wait till morning
    more than words
    Should be allowed to live on

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    Very revealing! Gotta love a song that starts out: "Wanna hear about my problems?"
    Jim Colyer Girl albums

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    Thanks for the feedback. Means a lot.

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