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    There is an organization called Cyprus Peace Concert Projet (CPCC)

    Cyprus Peace Concert Project

    I sent this message to CPCC on facebook a couple of days ago:

    Hello - I would like your opinion on these lyrics for a simple "drinking" song with a Cyprus peace theme. Would they offend Cypriots of Turkish or Greek descent?

    Here in Pyla

    Here in Pyla we can drink
    like brothers
    After three drinks I can tell you
    Greekt women are most beautiful
    and we will still have
    fourth fifth sixth drink
    After six drinks you can tell me
    Turkish women are most beautiful
    and the waiter will still count
    seven eight nine rounds


    And here is the response I received from CPCC today

    Mr Halitsky

    Having sited Maestro Yiannis Hadjiloizou, President & Artistic Director of the Cyprus Academy of Music, we see no offence in your lyrics. On the contrary, Cyprus and its People have always been welcoming and merry.

    Traditionally, meals and drinking (especially wine - Cyprus is the first country that ever produced wine) have brought people together over Music. The "Dionysia" are still celebrated today.

    The division is not amongst People, but a political war crime. Pyla is a good example of togetherness. There's not two Peoples in Cyprus. There's only one. The Cypriots. Historically, Cyprus has been under several rules, because of its strategic position on the map, it's excellent climate, fertile grounds, and generous People. Despite all its conquerors, Cyprus has maintained its Greek Ethnicity at all levels. Education, Religion, Routine. Turkish Cypriots have maintained an approximate 12 percent of the Isle's population. This is not to be confused with the Turkish immigrants (not Cypriots) who were forced in Cyprus following the illegal Turkish Invasion of 1974.

    Thank you again for inquiring.


    And here is my reply to the CPCC reply:


    Thank you so much for your response. At the end of this message, I have attached an adaptation into Greek of my original English lyrics - please forward them to Maestro Hadjiloizou and express my thanks to him as well.

    Τίτλος: Θα πιώ στην υγειά σου

    σουγκρίζω το ποτήρι μου
    κι απ’ το δικό σου πίνω – κι απ’ το δικό σου πίνω
    μ’ απ’ την Ελληνοκύπρια
    πιό όμορφη δε δίνω – πιό όμορφη δε δίνω

    Σαν με κερνάς το τέταρτο
    και με κοιτάς στα μάτια – και με κοιτάς στα μάτια
    μου λες στην Τουρκοκύπρια
    της πρέπουνε παλάτια – της πρέπουνε παλάτια

    Με τα καμώματα αυτά
    γελάνε όλοι γύρω – γελάνε όλοι γύρω
    ήπιαμ’ εφτα οχτώ εννιά
    και πάμε γι άλλο γύρο – και πάμε γι άλλο γύρο

    Αδελφέ μου, πάψε να με μαλώνεις
    την καρδιά μου, σταμάτα να πληγώνεις
    έχω τα πάθη μου κι έχεις δικά σου
    έχω για όνειρα, τα όνειρά σου
    πιές στην υγειά μου, να πιώ στη δικιά σου
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    David Halitsky said:


    I made this post to Greek Music Heaven:


    It will be interesting to see if anyone responds.