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    Talking Mohammad Eskandar - El 3alam Jannet

    Hey everyone! If someone can provide the lyrics for Mohammad Eskandar's song, El 3alam Jannet, bkoun mamnounkon ana! I would appreciate it very much! The lyrics in Arabic would be just fine, but some people go online to find transliterations for songs too, so maybe this post would help. Thanks in advance!!!

    Link to song:

    Shukran ktirrrrrrrr!!! <3
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    Well, In the details of the song you provided there is the Arabic lyrics of the song. I am not that good in transliterations but I have tried to translate it from Arabic to English. Some parts I don't understand but I have give it a shot!

    العالم جنِّت يا الله
    People are going crazy, I swear!

    تركِت بيتا و اشغالا
    They left their homes and their jobs!

    كل مين بإيدا موبايل عم بتصورلك حالا
    Any girl holding a phone in hand, taking a picture of herself

    و اللي بتصّور عينيها بكياني و مش عم تغفا
    Who is taking a picture of her eye, crying and not sleeping!

    و اللي ت تخَوفني عليها بتتصور بالمستشفى
    And who wants to worry me by taking a picture of herself in the hospital.

    و كلو بيعرُضلك ل شفَاف مدري شو هيّي الأهداف
    And all are showing their lips, I don't know what those intentions are!!

    من حقّا النسوان تخاف نخونا و نِعشَق بَدالا
    Women should be afraid that we would cheat and love other women!!!

    كان الشَب يضلو ناطر تَ الِبنت تقلو إسما
    A boy used to wait for a girl to tell him her name!

    هلق بلا ما يشوفا عارف كم في شاميّة بجسما
    Now, even before meeting her, he would know every mole in her body!!

    و هيّي شو مجروحا قال العرسان بهالدنيِّ قلال
    And she is being hurt. As grooms are not available!!

    شو بدو فيها الرجال ل عَم تعرضلو جمالا
    What men would need more if she is already showing off her beauty!

    كانت كل ما صوتي غاب دموعا تحرِقلا خدّا
    Every time my voice would disappear (it is a metaphor of absence) her tears would burn her cheeks

    اليوم بتحكيني واتس آب مع إني قاعد حدّا.
    Nowadays, she is texting me on WhatsApp even I am sitting with her!!

    و ما بتعلّي راسا طلوع
    And she won't make her head out (I really don't understand this part!!)
    كتير مضايقني الموضوع
    This subject really upsetting me!

    ساعة بشوف بعينا دموع و ساعة بتضحك لحال
    In a moment, I am seeing tears in her eyes and in the other, I am seeing her laughing by herself!!!
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    Oh my gosh Thank You sooooo much!!!! <3
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