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    Default Mohamed Sori - Astera

    Slaw azizan, can someone please help me find the lyrics for this song? I prefer latini transcription, but everything will do

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    English Translation of Mohamad Sori - Astera - Star
    Mohamad Sori - Astera

    Aw damai ka shaw detawa , aw dam min ashqi to dabm
    When the night comes, I will adore you

    Aw dam ba yadi eshqi to la duniya be xabar abm
    That time I will be intoxicated because of your love

    Aw damai deya xawunmawa waxta brom bo Asman
    When you come to my dreams, I feel who I fly to Sky

    Mang jwani pewa diyar nabet, har atoy Mangi mihraban
    There no pretty moon, you are my kind and beautiful moon

    Manga shaw chawi hallnaya la kn ruy waku mangi to
    Moon is envy because of your beauty

    Astera shawqi namenet la truskai chawi jwani to
    The stars have no sparkling because of your glittering eyes
    Shaw hatu manga shaw darhat disan mn ashqi to bum
    the night and the moon came, an I adore you as again

    Disan to la xayalmdai nziktri la xom bo xom
    You are in my dream again, closer than myself

    Hawre bun la shawani min lagal to xayalli dabe
    My relationship with you is magic and flawless

    Gar mnu to pekawa bin duniya ch duniyayak abet!?
    If we are together, what is the world we live in? (Stunning world)

    -- The rest Part are repeated----------

    *************My Soul is Kurd************

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