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    Unhappy Hello I'm new here and I have a question.

    So for the past week I've been trying to write a song. I have gotten pretty much no where (I'm new to song/lyric writing) and I'm starting to get discouraged. I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible for me to write a decent song. The lyrics I write are so cliche and I'm really not confident in my writing ability. Maybe I'm just not creative enough for this?

    So I guess my question is can someone like me (uncreative, dumb) ever write a worthwhile song?

    I can't think of any good lines... I don't even KNOW what makes a good line...

    I think of stuff like "floating in the wind"

    and "I love you so please don't go"

    See what I mean?


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    I think it's a talent that can be learnt but at the same time I also think that some people are just born with a natural skill.

    I think the best thing to do is listen some as many great singer\songwriters - the very best in my opinion are Ellis Paul and conor oberst. It's true that phrases like "floating in the wind" and "I love you so please don't go" are a bit twee - what are you TRYING to say? How can you rephrase "floating in the wind"? Try and come up with as many different phrases as you can but essentially mean the same thing. Try using a cutup technique like Bowie.

    When I hit a road block i listen to a song by one of my favorite singers and then I try to write a song in their style - I imagine them singing my lyrics.

    Good luck.

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    Practice. Practice. Practice.

    Don't get discouraged my dude. Write ALOT. You need to purge your mind of all the phrases and wordplay you've heard. It's almost like a knee-jerk reaction, your mind spouts out everything it knows to be good which is why you are getting the cliche phrases. Eventually you'll start producing original writtens, keep at it.

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