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  1. Chibi's Avatar

    Chibi said:

    Default Special request (korean)

    Hi guys,

    If anyone knows korean could you be so kind and tell me how you say/pronounce this line (0:14) from the video below just in latin letters please

  2. Mike SungJi Baik said:


    I have no idea what he is saying.. I understand the first part which is

    오늘도 정말 (_?_) 아니야?

    I guess he could be saying 오늘도 정말 장난 아니네.. maybe?

    Which means today is no joke

    oh neul doh jung mal jangnan ahninae?

    If I could just understand what he is saying, I could be more accurate, but the louder I make the volume, the louder the motorcycle sound gets and makes it harder to understand.
  3. Chibi's Avatar

    Chibi said:


    Thank you so much!
    I only wanted to know how to say that one line around 0:14 though, not the whole video as such, but how would you say "this sucks" in Korean then?