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    Default Great Blue

    Great Blue

    An ancient creature hunts a stagnant slough,
    His eyes of onyx peer into the pool
    in search of scattered quarry veiled from view.

    Aloft on boney stilts he slinks along,
    In time his patient stalking brings reward,
    His prey by movement gave itself away.

    Prepared, his neck contorts in reflex mode,
    one more primeval contest to unfold,
    abruptly interrupted by a foe.

    the creature wary, spews a wretched noise
    a raspy “kraak” before he flies away
    propelled by mighty wings in weighty beat.

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    Great blue reminds me of the sky..god and a newborn baby eye. Happiness is blue even though artists sing about the blues. I wish I was blues with the ability to know all the clues wherever whenever..

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