Intro of Fighter Planes in the war. OLDIES.

Thread: Intro of Fighter Planes in the war. OLDIES.

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  1. Cory Saul said:

    Default Intro of Fighter Planes in the war. OLDIES.

    I recall my dad and his buddies boozin in the garage when i was a kid and this song would come on. They listen to you know pink floyd/kansas/alice cooper/acdc/metallica and oldies. That type of stuff.

    The song had a intro of old Fighter Planes in the war battling, until 'i think' one got shot down, then all i can recall is a kind of johnny horton voice with possibly some pink floyd type music.

    -Its not floyd im sure, unless it was some bootleg/studio version maybe?
    -It was legit fighter plane sounds and shooting, not no guitar effect.
    -I already googled the crap out of "songs that start with airplane/fighter planes" etc etc etc. Ironically only found one forum of a guy describing pretty much the same song, yet none of the responses were correct.
  2. Fence Sitter said:


    The time frame when you heard this song would be helpful. Metallica would mean after 1981 but ...

    The "other" songs they were not, would be helpful in eliminating.

    Was it the thread by "larrydavenport?"

    I had a few results with 'song intro " fighter plane" '

    Looking through results the better fit suggests:

    Aces High - by Iron Maiden

    One by Metallica
  3. simonfranco said:


    from those days, with war sounds at beginning and sounding like pink floyd, all I can remember right now is Gods of War, by Def Leppard. The start definitely sounds a bit like pink floyd (although the rest doesn't). and I don't know about the johnny horton voice. anyway, hope this helps.
  4. simonfranco said:


    or maybe Fantasy by Aldo Nova?
  5. simonfranco said:


    Or Hanoi Rocks - Up Around The bend ? (now I'm just going for songs that start with war sounds)
  6. wurzlsepp said:


    This song has such a part too, however it starts about in the middle of song: Eric Burdon & The Animals - Sky Pilot