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  1. The0Emperor said:

    Angry Itzik Kala songs

    Hello Everyone ..

    would anyone translate these songs for me ... For Itzik Kala

    i bought them ,,, but i couldn't find anything about them .. please help with english lyrics to help me understand them because im new learner of hebrew

    Gam B'aish V'gam Ba Mayim

    Khi Lma'anan
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  3. Sutaris's Avatar

    Sutaris said:


    גם באש וגם במים
    (gam ba'esh vegam bamayim)

    both in the fire and in the water

    you're the happiness, you're the beauty, and I loved just you
    all my life is in your two hands, my soul
    in a holy ring I promised you
    that I would always be yours and you would be mine

    both in the fire and in the water
    forever we'll be together
    our love will not exstinguish until the end of days

    the smile that's on your lips causes me to forget everything
    it shines the lust to me, and my heart dances
    in my life, I vow to you, I promise you
    we'll always be together and we won't be separated

    day and night - behind you
    all the way - I come to you
    to the taste - on your lips of love
    под снегопадами...
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    Sutaris said:


    חי למענך (chay l'ma'anech)
    I live for your benefit

    God guard me,
    my princess
    I ask in my heart
    because you are my day and night

    I live for you
    I live for your benefit
    I live thanks to you

    For you Ill pluck stars
    because me and you are lovers
    and well make an eternal bond
    because with you, just with you Im alive
    под снегопадами...