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    Default Hello to All!!!

    Hi everyone this is Talish.

    i love music even if it is in the language which i don't understand. how i found ATL, well i was searching for andrea songs translation and google showed me this great forum at the very top of results.
    while exploring ATL i figured out that you people are doing a great job especially for people like me who love music in other languages but do not understand.
    Bundles of thanks to all the translators.

    I hope to have a good time here.

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    Welcome on ATL Talish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amethystos View Post
    Welcome on ATL Talish!
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    hello to you and welcome!
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    Welcome and always enjoy your music!
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    Yes Talish, welcome to ATL we have a lot of fun here. So you like Andrea...you must be a boy (But she sings well, too)
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    You welcome
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