Infatuated with ideas that never make it past a mention
inundated with fears that smear progression
tension stiffens my battle hardened bones
I don't walk the way I used to
or get loose to electronic music with the carelessness that you's do
the roundabout inside my head isn't there because I choose to
go round in circles in an attempt to lose you
bad love with bruise you
I still confuse you with the person I used to see straight through though

It's strange to see a stranger that made you
detached, rematched, no sense of loss to phase her
the weed subdues the gloom that rooms in my room with failure
I guess what moving away does is enable her
to not have to think about staying here
I just lay here
somedays I blaze Sundays getting lazier and lazier
hazier and hazier
only a woman can tame the downfall
when danger becomes a man's only saviour