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    The Silent

    They're waving, they reach out, they're trying to cry
    Their lips they are moving, they try and they try
    But no one can hear them, they can't say a word
    Their screams they are silent, no sound can be heard

    They want to be seen, they're trying so bold
    They're trying to tell, their story untold
    Cause they are the unborn, from the next century
    and there is something they want us to see

    And if you try hard, their lips can be read
    the grim naked story of what lies ahead
    and deep in their eyes, there you can see
    what we are doing to the future to be

    While greenhouse gases are filling the air
    who is to listen, who is to care ?
    when the temperature's rising, who will understand ?
    who will speak for them, who will take a stand ?

    The lyrics were written to the folk song "Monday Morning" recorded by e.g. Peter, Paul and Mary.
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