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    Default Atomic Misphilosophy - Lupe Fiasco

    War gives value to life by showing it can be taken away
    And in a perverted way, those who wage war delude themselves into thinking they create life
    Or at least make it meaningful
    Thus, using that as a basis for grandiose notions of supremacy
    Falsely giving themselves the title of masters of the universe
    And gatekeepers of morality

    [Verse 1]
    Peace trials and living power pleasure over pain
    Geiger counters check amounts of radiation in the rain
    Biochemical new gas masks and rubber boots
    Inhale your last gas without a Hazmat suit
    Terrible, unbearable miracle of the modern scientific
    Arms race, chase for the horrific
    Manhattan project, man cancelling concept
    Catastrophic bomb, a fabric-shattering context
    A little boy falling from a metal bird
    Followed by a fat man who left behind a leveled earth
    Imbalanced challenge to survival of the whole piece
    Have seeked to staff the whole planet with their own peeps
    A zone beeps of contaminated contents
    Atomically activated, saturated beyond its
    Limits, to live within its boundaries with conscience
    To cancer cells, I'm not totally unresponsive

    Cause in the future [?]
    I don't feel like there's anything for me
    I hope they put this out
    Cause in the future [?]
    I don't feel like there's anything for me
    I hope they figure out
    This atomic misphilosophy

    [Verse 2]
    Uninhabitable avenues, third wars in southern latitudes
    Mutually assured that it all happens to
    International violence leaves us black and blue
    Blast us back into the past if attack ensues
    A pack-approved tactic fully practiced
    On the evil of the axis back in World War Two
    The melted lunchbox of a disintegrated girl
    Dogs on fighting mosquitoes, flies and squirrels
    Men, women and children have their bones cooked to ash
    And their shadows burning to the ground from the flash
    And if they didn't pass, what's the future Hibakusha
    You say you need a job but they won't give it to ya
    In the era where they said the greatest evil was that white man
    From the right glam, but this was coming from the same people
    Who thought that Jim Crow was all a hype thing
    Same thing that kept Colonel Tibbets on his flight plan


    [Verse 3]
    Nuclear stockpile's America's second largest
    The world's most destructive and the world's most heartless
    Under the auspices that war will be rendered harmless
    And everlasting peace will be in reach if we just bomb ****
    Technologically fanatic racial social
    Economic faux-intellectual ****ing nonsense
    Dripping with political interludes, typical of a system
    Stark raving mad and operating unconscious
    Now how do we proceed?
    Knowing through the man's fatalism and probably you'll never leave
    A disease tryna cure its own symptoms with disease
    Creating an epidemic just to see if it can be
    Genuine mistrust of everything but us
    Based on artificial evidence but mostly racists at the crux
    Let's pray they throw em all out
    And I hope I don't see you through the foggy field division in the fall now
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