I found this group, Sun Palace, on Magnatune a couple years ago. thought I'd share.

[quote]Sun Palace is now celebrating our 3rd CD, DESIGNED TO FLY! Along with Andriette Redmann (vocals, songwriting, drum loops, French horn, flute, co-producer) and John Rokosny (guitars, co-producer), we have a talented, international group of friends playing with us, from NYC & beyond.[...]

There wasn't much on their first album, Into Heaven, that interested me, but I enjoyed the majority of their second album, Give Me a Perfect World. I just found out yesterday they have a third album, Designed to Fly, which I plan to check out soon.

Genre, as noted on Magnatune:
Gossamer folk-rock
Tagged as: Alt Rock, Electro Rock, Rock, Woman Singing Electro Pop.