This is totally nuts...I just had the most intense idea today for writing a lymerick, something that I haven't even tried to do since high school English Lit.

'pense' (pen-say) in line 3 = just being frivolous with spanish penser (to think) and its italian and french cousins....Je pense donc je suis, I think therefore I am....

'domo' (2nd verse line 2) = a combo play on 'homo sapiens' (but didn't want to use a flame word) and 'major domo', another spanish term that means the head of a household or a crew....a "man in charge"? Mm-hmm

The Mad Alice

I have a notion hiding in my mense
But it's not one that you'll really want to find
'cause even though you pense
To engage your inner sensei
In the end you'll want to disinfect your mind.

It's about a vixen and her pretty poison
Minxing every domo that she knows
Hovering like a hawk
As the drooling gente gawk
She enslaves them from their eyeballs to their toes.

She doesn't bite and suckle like a vampire
And her nimbus doesn't snare them in some trance
She'll just undulate their psyche
As she liquidates their wifey
And then smile as they shrivel in their pants.

With faery pirouettes and prancy dancing
the coy and comely nymph invites them all
Swirling silk and wafting scents
Of her Rive Gauche Intense
Her dark eyes glisten, watching as they fall.

The succubus enamors every ego
Flaming every passion that they own
They may think that they control
All the moves and they'll be bold
As she drains the manly marrow from their bones.

I really shouldn't delve into more detail
Any further than the reader can conceive
It's enough that I foretell
How a dream can turn to hell
When a pretty face learns how she can deceive.