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    Default Jewish poem translation

    Please I need the translation of this poem

    Thank you in advance

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    Ya'la Ya'la Boei
    Ya'la Boei legani
    Henetz rimon rimon gam parha gafni
    Yavo dodi dodi
    Dodi yakhin tse'adav
    Veyokhal et peri
    Et peri megadav
    Im yedid yedidi yedid arkhu nedudav
    Ekh yehida yehida eshev al kani

    Ya'la Ya'la Boei…

    Shuvi shuvi elay
    Elay at bat ahuva
    Shuvi at va'ani ashuva
    Hine imekh zot ot
    Zot ot ketuva
    Ki betokhekh betokhekh eten mishkani

    Ya'la Ya'la Boei…

    Plz, See the comments under the video.

    (InvitationToPiyut il y a 3 ans en réponse à mehdijohnny
    you can find the words (in Hebrew) at the piyut web site. - search for: Ya'ala Ya'ala and you will find it and also other several melodies and recordings of this song)

    You can visit but it's in Hebrew. I tried to find the song Ya'ala Ya'ala. but I was unable to find it. Sorry !
    You can contact InvitationToPiyut on youtube to ask him the Hebrew words and the translation of this poem. I think he will be happy to help you. If you find the Hebrew words and the translation, can you write them on your thread, plz ?

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