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    Hi I am Newgod new here
    well I write and sing rap songs just for fun not pro,
    I used to post my song lyrics on Fb but my account was deactivated recently
    then I started looking for forums where I can post my stuff and get some views and all
    beside my rap and all, I have some army training, some survival training, I love psychology, and all

    I want to start a thread where I can post my rap song lyrics, I write non rap songs as well, so let me know which section can I post my songs in also I want to have just one thread so that its easy for me to keep track of all my work, let me know if its okay, coz it might sound really odd but I do have over 600 songs,,
    so I don't really think I should start over 600 threads

    may god bless you, live a long and wonderful life, keep smiling
    take care
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    Welcome on ATL Newgod.

    Glad to see that you already found "Rap section" and as for your question, it will be answered by an admin.
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    You will never find that life for which you are looking.
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    but life they retained in their own keeping"
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    Hi Newgod and welcome to ATL!

    You may open your thread in our section 'The greatest hits', just name your thread after yourself and post there, that's what this section is made for.

    If/when your thread gets huge (say, more than 15 or 20 pages), you may open a new one.
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    Awe solja we In.. ...😉