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    Default Bare Legs (SLAM poetry piece)

    When your bare legs grazed mine beneath the sheets I felt butterflies
    In between my thighs as you awoke sounds of ecstasy from deep within me.
    I watched you watch me, drinking in the image of my naked body sprawled out beneath you, yielding to your touch.
    But thatÖ.was yesterday.

    You never saw the scars on my bare legs when you were going down on me
    Proof of previous pain that you once caused
    Too concerned with my physical demeanor to care about the feelings BENEATH my bones.
    And IÖwas too mesmerized by your blue eyes to realize
    That you...were only looking straight through me.
    I donít remember you coming. But I certainly remember you leaving.

    Of all the times I lay awake to watch you sleep
    It was never once my name that you whispered in the depths of your slumber,
    And I knew it would never be my touch that saved the pieces of the man you were before me

    Another shot pours down my throat, maybe Iíll forget you, I hope as he caresses my inner thigh with his tongue
    Iím trying to forget you.
    I canít swim, Iím drowning, the water blocking my airway making me gasp, gulpÖ
    Canít grasp onto the idea that youíre gone.
    This lump in my throat a permanent reminder that I wear my heart on my sleeve.
    I stumble, holding onto the wall as my words slur in a kaleidoscope of color escaping from my mouth I canít breathe
    Iím deceived by the bullshit that youíve put me through for more than two years Iím angry.
    I canít escape.
    Iím filled with hate as his bare legs slide between mine
    And I realize that they are not yours.

    Everything that I once wanted turned into an elastic band pulling so hard from one end that it finally snapped,
    I snapped.
    And when I came to my breaking point, I recovered the smallest ounce of hope that had been buried beneath my illusion of love that I had been fighting to keep.
    I rediscovered reality finding my footing on solid ground instead the quicksand where my innermost thoughts had lain for too entirely long.

    Instead of beating my head against the wall, waiting for a call that never came,
    I unplugged the damn phone from the wall and threw it out the ****ing window, Iím done with the stupid idea of what we should have, could have, would have been forget it.
    Tomorrow when I awake, alone beneath my sheets where my bare legs kiss each other for comfort, my only thought will beó
    Itís about time I got my life back.
    ~Kerri Faye

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    Certainly I love it. The way that you described scenes into words. It is just beautiful when you melt inside the words and you feel like you are a part of the picture like you are a shadow standing there seeing all the feelings and the emotions and even see the sweat drops falling but you are unseen. I think that you convert the story to a melody as it is translated to sweet words that capture your soul into a world of fantasy that you would never want to leave.

    Congratulations, you have done a spectacular piece of art!
    I don't think I miss things. I think to miss something is to hope that it will come back, but it's not coming back.

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    Wow. Thank you so much for the incredible feedback! It's much appreciated.
    ~Kerri Faye

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    gotta love it Kerri Faye, it illuminates so well and really says it all.
    Music is what feelings sound like
    Listen to the Love

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    Thank you <3
    ~Kerri Faye

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