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    Default Help me find a song I heard in Starbucks

    Hi, I was sitting in Starbucks today and I heard this song, I've actually heard it twice this month but I still can't figure it out. The guy singing sounds like David Gray, and the only part I can ever hear of the song is the guy singing "OOOOOhhhhhhh" (he gets pretty high) and something like "do doo dahh" "something like dah dah dah" and then repeats and this is like at the very end and there is guitar. It's a pretty chill song also! Please help me! Thanks! I know its not much to go on!

    I heard it again today and it almost sounds like he is saying "you're toooooo..... no matter how hard I tried." again I couldn't hear all of it. Also, it could have been Bon Iver, maybe?
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