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  1. Grandi said:

    Default Cha Cha Guitri - Non non non

    Would love to have the lyrics to this minimal wave classic in English:

    Non non non by Cha Cha Guitri:

    Could someone help me?

  2. Enoo's Avatar

    Enoo said:


    Sure, here you are:

    Avez-vous remarqué malgré la vitesse
    À laquelle nous roulons le bleu de la mer ?
    Have you noticed the blue of the sea
    Despite the speed at which we are driving?

    [Non non non, pas question !]
    [No no no, no way!]

    Avez-vous donc humé l'odeur de l'écume
    Au milieu du brouillard de votre cigare ?
    Have you smelt (the odor of) the foam
    In the middle of your cigar's fog?

    Arrêtez, les garçons, les pointes de vitesse !
    En vidant le flacon, on voit danser la mer
    Boys, stop doing bursts of speed!
    By emptying the flask, we see the sea dancing

    Oui oui oui, nous les filles, on veut se baigner,
    Profiter de la plage pour vous oublier
    Yes yes yes, we girls want to bath,
    (and) take advantage of the beach to forget you
    Even after all this time
    The Sun never says to the Earth
    « You owe me »
    Look what happens with a love like that
    It lights the whole sky

  3. Grandi said:


    Thank you so much Enoo!!!

    Do you have a favorite song that you've discovered through this incredible service you offer?

    Thanks again so much.