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    Thumbs up Newgod: 9 Lives Album

    These are songs from my latest Album named 9 Lives
    I will post one song and if I get some replies I will post the another song,,
    let me know what you think about the songs and all kind of comments are welcome as long as they are creative and constructive criticism
    the Album 9 Lives is still a work in progress album here is the song listing

    1) Time Bomb
    2) Until I Turn to Dust
    3) Damages - Burn and Bury...
    4) Echo
    5) Kind Hearted
    6) No Way Out
    7) Second to None
    8) All Over Again

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    Track - Time Bomb
    Track - 01
    Album - 9 Lives

    Yeah you all think I am Crazy,
    Let me tell you a Secret,
    I am Crazy !
    I can go off without a Warning,
    Time is running out, and you can’t stop me
    I am a Ticking Time Bomb

    And when I am Rapping, Listen up fools, wake up, you have been Napping for the last 2 decades, I have been killing MC’s when I am At It.
    And I have been Mapping this White Rapper called Eminem, and some black rappers have been Crapping Raps, yeah I admit I am a Trolling Addict.
    I am your friend indeed or just a friend in need, a friend to you really? are you Sure? Coz the other day Angel said “I am a virus which has No Cure“, I am impossible to Predict.
    Yeah man you Add it to my Stats, while I am adding Kills , I am adding Skills, yes I am adding Still, for all my Pathetic haters I am loser, a Fanatic.
    “Newgod is a Lame Horse“, “Newgod is way Worse than the Host of Punked“, you gotta be Drunk, coz you compared the wrong show it should have been Most Wildest Police Videos, there aint no Diplomatic.
    Solution to this problem, I can never be at Peace with my haters, although they can rest in Pieces, or perhaps clean my Dishes, I am here to Spit a Thesis, it will be one sided coz I am Autocratic.
    Nina if you ever try to marry any one expect me I am just gonna show up on your marriage, with my .45 Handgun, a ****ing flame thrower, and my AK 47 7.62mm fully Automatic.
    I am coming down full Speed I don’t know if its desire or Greed, if I have to compare my life with a video game it wont be Assassins Creed, that game is a mess, There is No Schematic.
    That can help you understand me, its not your Fault really, coz I have a habit of using a Catapult in a knife Battle, I treat my enemies like Cattle, I don’t vote for the Democratic.
    Party of USA, what really Surprise me is how can people really describe me as a mentally instable person, Despise me, Advice me to take medication, and then tell me I am Charismatic.
    I don’t give up I actually live up to their expectations, Right from my first album Midnight Station, I was told to get professional help, I was also offered free of cost Psychiatric.
    Treatment, its weird actually its not, I think she is hot, I think she deserves a second shot, who I am even talking about oh yeah Tera Patrick.
    I don’t think its really that hard to tell, that I really belong in a mental hospital, about time you showed up Randy, I told you to bring painkillers and a Candy, hold on I need to change my Tactic.
    Modern warfare man that game is Fantastic, way better than you Peter coz you behave like you are a puppet, odd cloths, weird smile, mess up hair style, you don’t look human, you look like you are made of Plastic.
    Oh did that hurt Peter, well I did not wanted to break your Heart, I just wanted to show you my Art, get yourself a horse Cart, I can’t stop being Sarcastic.
    I am like an Asteroid, you Steroid munching fools, and I am coming right at you, you have no idea what I am about to do to you, I am gonna hit you with a Drastic.
    Force, Of Course I am set on this Course by all the Hate and Anger, I am gonna get Nina Mercedez and Bang Her, gonna get Sasha Grey and Hang Her, my family is Dynastic.
    that’s why I roll in style, while my haters fall in line, while I am sipping a glass of Wine, they all are surrounding Me, pleading and begging on their Knees, for money for their Prosthetic.
    Limbs, well I am not Harvey Dent, no Kate I will not help you with your Rent, I cannot be a white Knight, I am more like Joker, cold heart, insane mind, I am one of a Kind, hard to Find, I never had any Ethic.
    Oh my hair looks messed up someone hand me a Comb.
    You cant stop me and I am a ticking Time Bomb,

    Time is running out, and you can’t stop me
    I am a Ticking Time Bomb
    You can’t stop me from blowing up
    You can’t stop me from showing up

    You all can imagine and Fantasize that I am someone who Operates from a padded cell, that I have Post Traumatic.
    Disorder, let me Separate fact from Friction, that I aint got any substance Addiction, there are lots of Contradictions when it comes to me, Criticize all you can, coz when I kick your *** it will be Cinematic.
    And you won’t find a Nation in the world that can come with an Explanation, for my Rude, Crude, Uncivilized behavior, coz there is no reason why I behave in a Erratic.
    Fashion, killing me competition is my Passion, I forgot to mention that Terry Anderson asked me for a list of all my haters, well Terry should I start in ascending order or in a Alphabetic.
    Order, coz either way you won’t be on that list, it will be Wise to fight someone of your own Size, you gonna be Surprised how fast I can Rise up and you will Demise, you Mice, A Static.
    Dead body of Terry Anderson lays on the Ground, no one’s Around, waiting to be Found, someone call 911 hey Terry are we having Fun?, coz I can alter the Fabric.
    Of Reality, stupid Looney toons, you all are trying to be Cool by acting like a Fool, buying Wine Online, you thought Optimus Prime was from Cyberdyne, I can drop a Magic.
    Pill in your Coffee, coz there is some difference, Difference in my Preference, I don’t collect heads as Trophies, I prefer to turn my victims insane, everyone who Copies me, be warned it will be a Tragic.
    End of your lives, yours, your children and wives, your Friends too, so get ready with stone, sticks, guns and knives, its your time to Die Yes, you think I will Cry No, no Need to Panic.
    Coz I am the good Guy actually it’s a big Lie, anyone who don’t Fly with my is bound to Die, so Terry you are a better troll than me, Aachoo, sorry I am Allergic.
    To bullshit, let me help you understand me, I am the kind of guy who would Carry, Halle Berry in my Arms to the Farm house & drown her in the Lake, Kick Riddick.
    Off the Cliff, kill Bella with a silver Stake, if you Take me for granted then it will be your last Mistake, coz I am horrible, incredible, Terrific.
    Very Specific about my birthday Cake, if I don’t like the way my name Drake is written on it I will throw the bakers into the Pacific, don’t make pull out my Statistic, coz its Chaotic.
    Make a List of the people I Pissed, it will be enough to circle the world 5 times, don’t expect a Kiss from me coz I would rather give you a Fist, my world if full of Mist, I am creepy, Hypnotic.
    I Woke up this morning, logged on to Facebook and as soon as I saw that stupid Vince Poked me, drank 20 liters of Coke, Invoke the evil genius in me, start writing Lyrics at a Robotic.
    Mother****er what do you think I do for a Living
    No forget it faggot I don’t know anything about Forgiving
    Pick up that phone I think its Ringing
    Forgot to tell you that I have been Rigging
    Your phone with explosives, no I aint Kidding
    Been following you every time you go Fishing
    Will be last coz this time you will be Missing
    A head and 9 fingers coz I am Willing
    To go down to level 9 when it comes to Winning
    Have you ever listened to the songs I have been Singing
    And the type of lyrics I have been Inking
    Feels like hell coz I am Sinking
    In a ocean of bodies and my body is Dripping
    Blood, too busy to love sweetheart coz I’ve been Tripping
    Watching haters scream while I am Sipping
    Cocktail, stay away coz I have been Shipping
    Demons from hell, every Monday, and Skipping
    Church every Sunday, watching Tera Patrick Stripping
    Picking up one MC at a time and Kicking
    Their *** and I am not done Killing
    Taking a break, Having fun just Chilling.
    “Newgod you can’t sing Super Sonic Rap“, “sing like that and you will create a new Mount Everest of Crap”, “Two more verses and the stupidity of this song will be Historic ”.
    Oh thanks Alice, that was some real Advice, do you give advices for free or do you charge a Price, coz I don’t have a 50 Cent, you will need a UN order to Restrict.
    Me from kicking your ***, try to fight me and your chances of losing is 100 Percent, try playing Russian Roulette with a .45 automatic, that should do the Trick.
    Out of all the fools in this World, you had to Speak up Alice, I don’t really get what is wrong with your Girl, gonna have to Sneak into your room, plant a bomb, the explosion will be Gigantic.
    For all my haters a Free Advice from a Wise man sitting under the Tree, don’t **** with me or I will sink you faster than Titanic.
    Oh my hair looks messed up again, someone please hand me a Comb.
    You can’t do anything to ****ing stop me, and I am a ticking Time Bomb.

    Tic Toc, Tic Toc
    Time is running out, and you can’t stop me
    I am a Ticking Time Bomb
    You can’t stop me from blowing up
    You can’t stop me from showing up

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    Track - Until I Turn To Dust
    Track - 02
    Album - 9 Lives

    I cant stop fighting, cant stop fighting this War,
    I donít remember how it started or what I am even fighting For
    Under the Sun, Rain and Stars,
    I will keep fighting
    Until I turn to Dust,
    Oh yeah
    Until I turn to Dust,

    I donít know what I am Doing, where I am Going, I donít know what kind of a life I am Living,
    Walk back home, and no one is waiting for me, I donít even recognize the house that I Live In,
    But I refuse to Give in, I wont end this Fight, so I am walking out Tonight, to a different city, Believing,
    Things would be different there, I used to be a believer once now I canít trust the things that I used to Believe In,
    Going around Places that I have never Seen, and coming across Faces that donít Mean anything to me, so I Leaving,
    I have nobody Around and no one gives a **** if I am not around, if I am not Found, canít waste time Grieving,
    Done that for a Long time, written so many Songs on it, that now its just a waste Repeating,
    Donít know why canít I just stop Breathing, feels like I am on a rollercoaster and I am Speeding,
    Towards the end but it keeps on repeating, its endless, its senseless, I confess that I have lost the sense of reality I donít remember Beating,
    You Jimmy but they said I did, I was someone else at that moment, I wish to be someone else right now, I have been Treating,
    Everyone Bad, sometimes it makes me Mad, but I Had to bury all the demons that I created, I am Dealing,
    With this mess and I am Glad, that I will never use your name Dad, I am surviving on my own and thatís a great Feeling,
    Walking at midnight, under the moonlight, donít care if I am not going in the right direction, its cold I am Freezing,
    But I made hate my fuel, turned my blood into Fire, replaced my Bones with Stones, and thatís Keeping,
    Me alive, the Desire to take over my enemyís Thrones, I will still be here when all of you are gone, you keep asking what am I Achieving,
    From all this, my whole life will not even fill a single File, I am living in Exile, whatís the use of all the Style, drama and Deceiving,
    I donít Expect you to believe me, I donít demand Respect, I can live with what I have, yeah I have been Receiving,
    Hate mails from males and females from all over, I wont run looking for Cover *****es I am coming all out, yeah I am Speaking,
    About Genocide when Newgod starts looking for you there will be no place to Hide, I aint Seeking,
    Perfection I am already perfect, but you were too busy finding flaws in me Nina I donít think you even know the Meaning,
    Of the word Love, I would give my life for you, believed everything between us was True but now that I am Through, I know it was a lie and I am done Pleading,
    You to Stay, I am walking Away, you go your way I will go Mine, I am sure I will be Fine without you, I am Leading,
    My own life, I am done Taking order, I am done Faking, I am done Making excuses, I donít feel any pain, didnít even notice I was Bleeding,
    I am Shot in the heart, come on Billy thatís all you Got?, believe it or Not I am still standing, with a hammer, coz I will be Nailing,
    You to my wall of haters tonight, thatís right, hunting Season has started, and I donít even need a Reason to kill, will be Sailing,
    Around the world, I am on a Mission and I donít need your Permission, all your attempts to destroy me are Failing,
    Coz I aint human anymore, I donít need to Follow you Alex, you are as Hollow as your words, I am stuck in this nightmare, I canít stop Screaming,
    Damn it what difference does it makes, I donít know if any of this is even real or I am just Dreaming,
    All I know is that,,,

    I cant stop fighting, cant stop fighting this War,
    I donít remember how it started or what I am even fighting For
    Under the Sun, Rain and Stars,
    I will keep fighting
    Until I turn to Dust,
    Oh yeah
    Until I turn to Dust,

    And it was just a Game for you Nina, a game to earn some Fame, it was never real right from the Start,
    I should have realized that Earlier, your looks thatís just a illusion coz from inside your are Uglier than the devil, now that we are worlds Apart,
    I thought that I would Kill myself Fill myself with poison but I Survived & Revived myself, now I am finally ready to Depart,
    To a different world way away from you girl, love to Inform you that thanks to you I am now Reformed, I donít have to put up my Guard anymore coz my Heart,
    Is a dead cold Graveyard, you did your thing, its time for me to do Mine, Refine, Redefine, I am gonna play my Part,
    Coz gone are those Days when I felt lost, and lost are those Ways that could take me home, donít care who Says what, I am turning into a Contrast,
    I am cutting off the Strings that pull me back, fighting my way out of these Rings of fire, I am done Living in my Past,
    I am done Giving my love to those who donít deserve it, I am done looking for Support, done being a Outcast,
    Go ahead Report me, donít care if they Deport me, I am still bringing down your Fort tonight, with a Blast,
    That will be visible from Mars, my wounds my Scars those are the only things that I have got, gotta keep walking coz every time I Passed,
    Through Hell it made me stronger, Yell all you can and Sell lies to the world, wont make a difference now Newgodís broadcasting ***** and I Forecast,
    That even after a Trillion wars in a Billion worlds, I wonít Go Down, I wont even Slow Down, I will always be the Last,
    Man standing, coz I aint one I am Many, I donít have any mercy, regret I donít keep Any, forget a fight it will be a Overcast,
    Of darkness, and it will Consume you, I will Resume after I am done, bring on the Best, then bring on the Rest coz they donít know that I already OutClassed,
    Them, bring on the demons of hell and the devil, bring on the angels of heaven and gods, and I promise I will OutLast,
    Them, I tried to be Good but it did me no good, now I am just doing what I Should, I am the Worst,
    And proud, you wonít see me crying again, you wont hear my lying, you wont find me covered in Rust,
    It seems that I have redeemed myself, if you say that I have caused death, damage and pain well that shitís a Must,
    Coz I am only paying back what the world gave me, and I wonít stop fighting Until I Turn to Dust,

    I cant stop fighting, cant stop fighting this War,
    I donít remember how it started or what I am even fighting For
    Under the Sun, Rain and Stars,
    I will keep fighting
    Until I turn to Dust,
    Oh yeah
    Until I turn to Dust,

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    Track - Damages - Burn and Bury
    Track - 03
    Album - 9 Lives

    I was burning my past all Night,
    I am burying bodies coz I won the Fight,
    In the end I guess that’s all I will do
    Live, Love, Die, Rise, then
    Burn and Bury
    Burn and Bury

    Last Night something happened to me, something that I don’t fully Understand, but this morning as I Wake,
    Up buried in ash and Sand, I realized it was the same old Phase, no more same old Days, and I don’t need any Make,
    Up to hide my scars, coz I am proud of them, and I am proud of my Love for you Nina coz it was real, I’m proud of our Break,
    Up too, Emily said “No matter what happens I will always be with you”, Nina said “I Love you Drake”,
    Huh just a bunch of Lies from a bunch of Flies, coz they left without saying goodbye, took me sometime to realize my Mistake,
    I tried be human, believed in emotions, lived by my Heart, should have realized from the Start that none of it was real it was all Fake,
    But its alright coz its over now, although I’m Shattered, into a trillion pieces, Shattered and Scattered, all over the world, I’ll just have to Remake,
    Myself Piece by Piece, no more Peace, I am done being Nice, I am the Ice Man now, I will freeze your heart, I’m gonna Retake,
    Me life, don’t stand up to me coz I am ****ing Ruthless, fight with me and I will leave you Toothless, coz I just don’t Care,
    Who you are, or who you Know, where you come from and where you Go, always had the guts and I Dare,
    To take things head On, yesterday couple of fools started a fight with me and their heads were Gone, excessive blood Loss, but that Was for a Just Cause so it’s Fair,
    So get ready to be Decimated, burned down buried alive and be Hated, just like you Hated me, so Prepare,
    To live your worst days, and Fight through your worst Nights, coz that’s what I have been doing till now, tonight I Declare,
    War on this world, its your turn to live my life, let’s see if you can take it, make it out like I did, through this hell and Despair,
    Yeah you were too busy to notice that things just came back full circle, and I don’t have any reason to Spare,
    You, coz you were just the Same, played on their side, thinking it was just a Game, won’t do any good now I aint trying to Scare,
    You, but I’m about to unleash hell, and I am brining down everyone tonight, everyone God, Demons Kings and Dukes,
    And there aint no going back, coz you can’t stop me even if you rain down Nukes,
    On me coz I…

    I was burning my past all Night,
    I am burying bodies coz I won the Fight,
    In the end I guess that’s all I will do
    Live, Love, Die, Rise, then
    Burn and Bury
    Burn and Bury
    Them in the Ground, you cant stop me even if you rain down nukes on me, rain down nukes on me,

    That’s right I am ****ing Tired of Dragging myself, this might sound like Bragging, but its real, and Kross you are Fired, coz I am Raising,
    The bar higher than the Moon, and things will change they will get better Soon, what you thought was my curse was actually a Boon, and I feel Amazing,
    I don’t Need you love, you were always filled with Greed, so you can go your own way, and I’ll follow my Creed, I’ll keep living all guns Blazing,
    I am making Changes, making my own Rules, making my own Tools, coz I have to work my way out of this mess that you left me in, I am done Chasing,
    My demons Burning and burring them, there was a time when I tried Turning the Tides and all Sides to right but that was just a Phase in,
    My life, just like all the bad things in the world end good things come to end too, I no longer wish to be in your good list, and I won’t try to make my Place in,
    Your heart too, and I am not gonna run, not gonna Hide, got no one to Ride with, I have come too far, I realized too late that you were Playing but **** you I am not your PlayThing,
    And I am Paying you back what you gave me, when everyone in the world wants you dead, you will get some idea of the situation that I am Facing,
    Don’t try to hide behind the words “You Don’t Care” coz actually “You Wont Dare” to take me on, I have a list with your name on it, and I’m Erasing,
    The names as I’m Razing the lives of those people, so you can keep playing the cool kid, pretend that you are better than me coz I am gonna be the Terminator,
    Keep running Around the world, and keep taking A holes like you down to the Ground, if I ever come across that ***** Nina again I’m gonna Terminate Her,
    Coz that’s what you deserve, not love but vengeance, I don’t know why every time I start fresh I always end up in a Mess, I Guess its fate just a matter of time coz sooner or Later,
    My best friends turn to my worst enemies, just as I get closer to the top things change, and the very people who admire me turn against me, now everyone wants to be my biggest Hater,
    Kross you are just another selfish freak, you always talked about loyalty and honor but when things went south, you just abandoned the ship, you are dead for me just another Traitor,
    Huh I will just Remove you from my life and the second I do that things will Improve and you can keep screaming keep asking a billion questions but I don’t have to Prove it to you that I’m Greater,
    So go ahead do what you do Best, but in the end you will end up like the Rest, fail the Test, just be another loser like everyone else who ever Discussed,
    Me negatively, criticized me, compare me to a Loser, said I’m just a microphone Abuser, I don’t care coz I can’t explain how much you all Disgust,
    Me and while you were sleeping last night I was,,,,,

    I was burning my past all Night,
    I am burying bodies coz I won the Fight,
    In the end I guess that’s all I will do
    Live, Love, Die, Rise, then
    Burn and Bury
    Burn and Bury
    Them in the Ground.

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    let me know what you think about my songs then I will post the rest of my song lyrics
    see ya take care
    and keep smiling
    coz you look great that way
    may god bless you
    I am working on song no 9 from my album 9 lives its named "All About You"

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