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  1. centrus said:

    Default Hagalaz’ Runedance - Labyrinth

    Lyrics below - thanks in advance:

    Ein heimlich Ort hab ich gesehen
    Im Walde schlafend die Steine stehen
    Der Nachtgesang hat mich hingeführt

    Verwunschner Baum den Blicke fängt
    Ein Raunen im verwachs'nem Geäst
    Unterm Stamm, such unterm Stamm

    Grabe mit den Händen aus
    Der Erdmann klettert selbst heraus
    Er weiß den Weg zum Labyrinth

    Ei, da siehst du staunend an
    Die Geister des Waldes erwachen dann
    Kennst du's Rätsel? Fragen sie an

    Dort der Pfad zur steinernen Tür
    Die uralte Weisheit liegt vor dir
    Dein Geiste ist der Schlüssel zu ihr

    Im Traume, du erinnerst Dich
    Kehrt zurück dein wahres ich
    Verloren einst im Labyrinth

    Verschlossen hab'n sie die steinerne Tür
    Den Pfad, begraben von der Zeit
    Such in dir, mach frei die Tür
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    Albruna said:


    Oh, this is a song I have known and liked for a long time! I know it's been ages since you asked but I'll translate it anyway

    A secret place I have seen
    In the forest the stones stand sleeping
    The night-song has lead me there

    [An] enchanted tree catches [my] glance
    A whispering in the overgrown branches
    Unter the trunk, seek under the trunk

    Dig [it] up with your hands
    The "Earth-man" climbs out by himself
    He knows the path to the labyrinth

    Oh, now you are watching in amazement
    The spirits of the forest awaken
    Do you know the riddle? they ask

    There, the path to the stone door
    The ancient wisdom lies before you
    Your spirit is the key to it

    In dreams, you remember
    Your true self returns
    [Which was] once lost in the labyrinth

    They have locked the stone door
    Buried the path in time
    Search inside you, free up the door
  3. centrus said:


    Thank you Albruna!
    Yes, I love Andrea's early work - any others like it that you would recommend?
  4. Albruna's Avatar

    Albruna said:


    Well that depends - what is it that you like about her music and would like to hear more of?
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    feuersteve said:


    Centus, please post the links for others to enjoy.
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.
  6. centrus said:


    Just saw this, sorry--

    I love female fronted folk/folk metal in general, lyrics notwithstanding, and HR in particular is catchy, melodic and very layered instrumentally, with nice vocals - tough to find these qualities in abundance.

    Other similar artists in my library, not quite as good IMO: Faun, Qntal, Annwn, Lumsk, Elfenthal, Garmarna, Omnia, Mediaeval Baebes, Secret Garden, Des Teufels Lockvoegel...

    Recommendations welcome--
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  7. Albruna's Avatar

    Albruna said:


    I like folk and folk metal with clean vocals the most too, but I seem to gravitate more to bands with male singers. I like Garmarna as well as Faun's early albums too, and strangely enough listened to Lumsk for the first time just today. I can recommend Trio Mediaeval (kind of like Garmarna in terms of singing, this is my favourite song by them), Shamaani Duo (only one album, but a good one), Joglaresa (some songs more than others, I like this one) and Woodscream (more metal) though. Maybe check out the "KeepMusicPagan" channel on YT too, you might find some good songs there too. It's a lot of "singer-songwriter" music with not as much complexity as folk music, but there are some good songs.

    I'd also recommend Fejd, even though they have a male singer, firstly because they're my favourite band and I always want to recommend them :P but also because some of HR's songs have a similar "feel" to me as Fejd (e.g. "Seidhr" and "When the Falcon flies"). They both have a certain "fullness" to their music. On their new album they also have a female guest singer on one song.
  8. centrus said:


    Yep, I know Fejd (Likfärd is my favorite) - I haven't heard their new album yet, thanks for the links--

    Is Shamaani Duo the same group as Shaman which later became Korpiklaani? I LOVE Shaman, but they got a bit faster and aggressive with Korpiklaani which turned me off- not a bad sound, but more generic, not as atmospheric.

    I would check out Gåte and Hedningarna if you like Fejd, stylistically similar but female fronted on most songs, I think, with nice instrumentals - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-kialc04KA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0s1rXCDDn4

    Also, if you like Woodscream, there's a TON of bands I can recommend in this vein: Eluveitie, Villelain, Nevergreen (Hungary), MystTerra, Svarun, Ruoska, Arkona, Kot Bayun, Aq Bure (new Russian group from the Tatars but really good, my favorite out of this bunch), Shexna, Tornaska (kind of folk industrial, very interesting)...
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    Albruna said:


    I know of Shaman but haven't listened to their music yet. But yes, Shamaani Duo is what came before Shaman. I don't know if the female singer of Shamaani Duo is also in Shaman though.

    Thanks for the recommendations. I know (and like) Hedningarna and a few of the metal bands, will listen into the rest.
  10. bestellen said:


    Iit that you would recommend?