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  1. centrus said:

    Default De Illumination - 2 songs (Bengali)

    Specifically, Sroshta and Prarthona, which I think are listed here, somewhere:

    I got a transliteration below for the lyrics for Sroshta from a youtube video, can't seem to find the other one:

    Thanks in advance:
    Neel akasher niche
    Bishal khacha
    Tripto otripto asha
    Jonmo mrittu shob taar isharay
    Ondho, bodhir ba bonchito prothay
    Taar isharay, megh urey jaay
    Rongdhonu aar brishti
    Shororitur roop taar srishti
    Taar isharay, jhor dheye jaay
    Mohamari shob moha-proloy
    Paare ki keu thamate
    Taar drishti
    She dekhe shob bojhe shob
    Ke mohabeer ba jajabor
    Bhaggo lekhar kolom
    Shone taar aadesh
    Shorger dooar noroker ayojon
    Shob thakbe lekha
    Jogoter protifolon
    Jeebon bidhane lekha aache
    Tomar tore
    Beche nao tomari porichoy
    Gobhir raater ghum bhenge nijeke
    Kori jiggash ke ba ki tumi he
    Mohabishsher shunnotay hariye jaai
    Bujhte pari
    Er jobab toliye jaai
  2. sarazahed said:


    below this blue sky,
    there is a huge cage,
    where stays fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams,
    birth and death occurs according to the creator's will,
    no one can do/say anything about this,
    according to HIS will the clouds float away,
    He has created rainbow and rain,
    the beauty of six seasons are result of His creation too,
    according to His will thunderstorms come,
    the life threatening natural calamities occur,
    can anyone stop it?
    only He can see!
    He can see and understand things what no one else can,
    no matter how brave or gypsy you are,
    the pen which can write you fate, listens to the creator only.
    the door of heaven and the tortures you'll face in the hell,
    all these things will be written in your fate,
    what will happen in the earth
    is written in the book (it is believed that everything that will happen in the earth from the beginning of creation and till distruction everything is written in a book which stays in laohe- mahfuz. #my arabic is hilarious. please kindly ignore the spelling of "laohe mahfuz")
    for your own sake decide
    what you want your identity to become!
    when it will be very late at night, awake yourself and
    ask- what are you?
    i feel empty in this big silent universe.
    i try to understand but the answer is very complex (# i think you made a mistake in last two sentence )
  3. centrus said:


    Thank you sarazahed - alas, if I made a mistake I am not sure what I could be, I just copied and pasted the original lyrics from another site, perhaps the song-writer themselves did not write them properly?

    Either way this is a big help, thanks again--