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    Default Anyone know any good Albanian Song Translation sites?

    I wish to translate songs from my boyfriend, in written lyrics and also if any good sites for actually hearing them translated into English? Please please please Albanian music is so beautiful and I wish to understand the true meaning behind the sounds that pierce my heart!!

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    Hi qiao. I love this music, too,

    I have used this website a while to find lyrics.

    Albanian Link to web page:

    English link to web page:

    They now have installed an "English" button and posted many translations in English, as well as other languages.

    If your native language is not English, you may also find some translations in your mother tongue here:

    Pėrkthimet e Reja means New Translations

    Kėngėtari/Grupi: means Singer/Group

    At the bottom, the forward/backward tabs are gold colored.

    faqja tjetėr = next page, mėparshme previous page.

    Update! I just found out that when you search for the song or the singer, all the translations now show up on the lyric page of that song!!!
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