chorus=(i let ya live anyway i let ya live any-way) The bible says its a sin to kill is it ? well incredible hulk about to pay you a visit-the pain i felt still ain't heal since - all beware im gon be hell to live wit - i see you you see the mug on my face thats when you'll **** -without words let you know ain't no excapin the bull pit -the business end of my A-K is what you'll get ( i let ya live any way (i let ya live any way (w-h-y) constant toughts of yo people wearin a shirt wit yo pitcher screamin i love yous and dog we miss ya -you know we weren't alone that day in the kitchen i had my pistl and i believe god was witya -my foe nickel jammed as i was pullin the trigger (you shot my brother in the fay ace ) (i let ya live anyway ) up the price on yo head til i was damn near broke even spent my clean money along wit keys in dope -losin plenty sleep cuz all the weed i smoke lost my mind and my money and i still cant cope (my lil bro you cant replace so on my mind you gon stay)got seventeen shots and i still want moe -nina to yo throat please just breath im lettin em go get swiss cheesed if she sneeze im just lettin you know ( howmany dead will it take to bring em back from the grave ) i had a talk wit my reflection beef im sparkin no liar i f we talk its yo luck if you can talk thru the wire wait thats too nice how bout outlined in chalk and tossed in hell fire (some mistakes you cant erase i let ya live any way ) im too real to let you live rent free in my head so the next time i catch you smilin you gon end up dead by:cortez