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    Default Searching for a RAP/HIP HOP song with a high pitched female voice in chorus

    Hey guys im searching for a rap song with a High pitched female (chipmunk?) voice in chorus..

    i dont remember much from the lyrics but im 100% sure i heard the word BACKYARD

    im also sure this is not from lil wayne.

    The voice of the rapper didnt sound that special. The chorus was long and the song also ended with it

    i guess its a bit older but thats just a thought.. maybe you can throw in some songs.

    The chorus sounded like "i havent told my... prior... wings" thats some words... but these are not the exact words! it just sounded like to me
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    "Backyard Boogie" by Mack 10 ?
    Them that can, do; them that can't... memorize Artist and Title

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    Quote Originally Posted by atmaster View Post
    "Backyard Boogie" by Mack 10 ?
    No but Thx for trying! Backyard was only one word in the lyrics. it didnt came mutiple times. Guess ill never find it

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    Here are a few with higher pitched voices in the Chorus. If they are wrong you can give a look into Kanye West's older songs as he has had this on other songs.

    Kanye West - Through The Wire

    Jay-Z - Soon You'll Understand

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