Been a long time coming/
Still got a long way to go, though/
Hold a pose, holding hope/
Take a photo for the road/
Maybe a whole roll/
Because who knows what tomorrow holds/
Hope every moment we've known develops in slow-mo/

Lone' sittin by the sea/
Open notes over my dome-piece/
Cold breeze steady spilling over my shoulder/
Penning for folks who never seemed to've found peace on one/
Gold sun seeping through trees/
Love's youth soothing my soul/

God's Spirit sittin close enough to spot what I've written/
Hear him whispering incentives that could reinvent my vision/
See beginning at the endin'/
Forgiveness instead of resentment/
Enemy to friend/
Render impossible pending/

Bend your limits just a little bit/
Slip into potential/
Go and get to your goal/
It isn't simple, but you never know what lies within your physical/
Until you dig deep/
Things skin and bones can't reach/
And deceit don't wanna let you believe/

Peep, I learned to teach from learning how to be taught/
Talked to wise men and women of the world forgot/
Dropped a coin in the pond/
Bought a dream with the rest/
Slept until I met up with the me that I sought/

Found a rhyme I wrote scribbled on a wrinkled receipt/
Reading "life is good, what's great is finding out that it's free"/
Just spread your wings, count to three, and take flight when it's time/
Take your time/
Find faith before it takes you off your feet/

For prosperous are those who walk among the humble/
Though trouble follows close, it won't ever see you stumble/
Steady guided by the footsteps led in perfection/
In direction of the sky, headed right into Heaven/

For now I'm earth bound/
Patient for my move/
Walking curbs/
Caging wounds, chasing hurt/
Seeking freedom from it's works/
Bottle of Burb and some herb is what I heard does the deed/
But it doesn't, I found/

So I set out to find the key/
Left the house by 9
2010' in the drive/
Never too late to try peace, without a piece/
Clouds peaced out/
My town seems at it's peak now, indeed/

Memories soil the streets that I roam/
As bold green oaks grow/
Young offspring of old seeds sown/
People pass as seasons flown before this evening/
Fast and teasing/
Past repeating/
Thinking at last I might just have a chance at retrieving/

Laughing at where and who we used to be/
Back when I used to breath deeper than I saw reality/
Passed by the water/
Seen a young cat sulk in his sorrow/
No hope for tomorrow/
Heart broken and hollow/

Following feats of Apostles/
Dying to speak/
Hiding strength behind a mind that exceeds the things that bind and recede/
Fighting to reach everybody with a mindless physique/

Stared onto eyes reflecting off of the waves/
Saw a familiar face that others may see a different way/
Aged fatigue in his features/
Heavy thought on his brain/
Only because the weight of the world can't go away/

Before I spoke, he told me someday he knows he'll let it go though/
Only when he's told he's eligible to walk the roads of gold/
And his employment needs cease/
And he retires his soul/
Up high with the G that gave him life in his home/

I asked him about his life's occupation as a Titan/
He replied there's none like it, and not one that likes it/
Until you're older and you're over all the time you've absorbed/
Blind in both of your eyes, cause' all you see is open doors/
And the reward gets close enough to see how you've lived/
And you retrieve what's yours/
Infinite pension for you living for The Lord/

Before I left, he asked if I'd like to apply/
I sighed and told him I don't even own a suit or a tie/
He said, let all your blessings eclipse the bad things in front of you/
I've learned that half the things you have to do aren't things that you wanna do/
Then looked at me stern, and told me son I know you've got what it takes/
Just make mistakes that'll make you see your way/
Then he walked away/

Heard words of wisdom will one day become as diamonds/
Priceless in design/
Divine in it's climate/
I just hope I'm in alignment with my assignment at hand/
And I can grasp the plan that God has always had right inside of his hands/