Ole Evil Eye will be the guy that keeps on movin' ya
Put my d1ck in ya mouth h0 and tickle ya uvula
I'm a cool cat, in fact they say that I'm totally tubula
So let me tap that @$$ baby, there's so much I wanna do to ya
And fukk moves like Jagger, I got moves like James Deen
I'll stick this thick d1ck up in their bladder and make them dames scream
I'll turn a good girl into a wang fiend
And make a dirty crack w#ore remain clean
Just to get a chance at gettin' their p#$$y pounded by this mammoth kokk
I've got the best swingin' d1ck that's hit these shores since the pilgrims hit Plymoth Rock
I'll make you a deal and I will kill myself baby if it's not
I like to do the helicopter with my wang covered with a sock
If it's talk and nothin' more then why are you standin' at the door?
Because you know I can do it at the core
And you couldn't ask for more
I'm a tap that 4$$ for sure

I'm a hit it like a porn star
I sweat a lot cause it's hard work
I'm a hit it like a porn star
I'm a make that mothafukkin' p#$$y squirt