When using Google translator to go from English to Greek, do the following:

Instead of typing I, you, he, she, we in the English, type "I myself", "you yourself" or "you yourselves", "he himself", "she himself", "we ourselves".

Then, run the Google translator from Greek to English.

The result will be that instead of having NO personal pronoun in the sentence, you will have an expression like "Εγώ ο ίδιος" for "I myself".

Now copy the Greek into the Greek side of the Greek-to-English Google translator and delete out the "o idios", leaving the "Εγώ"

Then run the translator.

You will see that your Greek goes into English very naturally, with no confusion about who is doing what to whom.

And this generally, though not always means, that the Greek will be pretty understandable to a native speaker of Greek.

Of course, the native Greek speaker may be annoyed at the presence of personal pronouns which are not normally used in Greek speech.

But this is a small price to pay for understandability. I would rather annoy than confuse someone who reads the Greek.