'Live like you were dying'

It's summer and you think i'd write about something motivational, today's a little different so excuse me if i'm emotional, let's take a little breather slow it down and maybe park it, put down all your swagger you got from the hipster market,
Let's gather at a party, all my sisters and my brothers,
While I tell you why this night is so much different from the others,
So let's all listen up, just relax or take a pill,
And i'll tell you all the story cos this shits about to get real,

10 years ago today in his younger years at college,
was a tiny little boy who was filling up with knowledge,
and while the other kids at school said "to hell with my cv!",
He was saying "hey you guys I feel kinda dizzy",
He went and got some blood tests and soon got his answer,
And headed to the hospital with mother ****ing cancer,
He did chemo radiation but his chances still looked narrow,
This kid needed a transplant with like all his bone marrow,
He comes from this great family who are there for one another,
And luckily he found a match in his little brother,
In the middle of this he met a girl which may sound real alarming,
He may have been all bold and sick but worked it and was charming,
They counted down his quarantine, the hurdle and the hoops,
His first kiss sent him to the hospital, can I get an oops?
So she asked him how long it would be till he was out of the woods,
And he said 10 years post transplant would be like really really good,
10 years seemed forever so they got on with their life,
They finished school, got careers and she became his wife,
And he became a cancer doc, yes that deserves some clapping,
She became and actress but loved a bit of rapping,
And though you can't say 10 years ever goes by very fast,
The day they waited on so long is finally here at last,
If the cheesiness aint too much yet, im about to ruin it,
Know where he is at work today? The bone marrow transplant unit,
He says fate can gently guide you but sometimes it's a firm push,
He is one he of a doctor and has one hell of a tush,
I hate to rap too personal, I usually berate it,
But when life gives you a chance like this you have to celebrate it,
Life is full of ups and downs, it comes with hope and doubt,
And there is times when you should just blow your candles out,
Happy ten years my love, you took cancer and you beat it,
Today's the day you get your cake and mother ****ing eat it,
So lets all celebrate today, even with a silver,
Cos I have got a cake I have waited 10 years to deliver