hey guys,
so i am traveling a bit through easter europe at the moment and had lunch in a little town in slovakia today.

in the restaurant there were televisions, where some kind of music show was on. all of the songs 80s/ late 80s, mostly kinda dance/electro
during the songs the logo of the show showed up, then the next song, don't know if it was some kind of a chart. i speak a little polish, but have not nearly enough pratice to hear the difference between some eastern european languages, when i hear them in songs, so i can't give any other infos about the show. ok, so i didn't pay too much attention to it, because we were eating, but when i went to the toilet, i realized some cool songs were running. unfortunately i couldnt catch the names of the songs or artist, just fragments. i can't provide any lyrics, but i hope someone here can help me with it.

i'm looking for two songs.

for the first song, i only remembered two things... the artist was something with "heidi" and the title was something with "tik"... i thought that would be enough to find it, but nope...no luck so far.

for the second song, i dont have any infos about name or artist, but can describe a scene in the music video. atleast once the person (a man) in the video, went through a bar along the counter from left to right and talked/sang to some people sitting there. behind the counter there was a big banner or something with some words on it. and the last word was "junior".

yeah, i know...not much to work with, but maybe i am lucky