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Thread: Enjoy *****ez

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    Cool Enjoy *****ez

    I'm a Loony Toon thats worse than Bugs Bunny/
    you could catch me buzzed like a bee around ya honey/
    people who tried to mess wit me are straight up dummys/
    and these rappers aint comedians but they wack drops are funny/
    and ayo I'll never crank a Supaman cos I never bought a comic/
    everytime I get sick with my raps I'll make you vomit/
    I'm a lyricist|| watch out cos all the *****s get hit/
    them dudes doin' stunts on that Fear Factor show is fearin' this/
    so get Sonic and nuckle up|| I love girls wit bubble buts/
    I aint R.Kelly but the kid gotta double up/


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    some of the metaphors seem redundant. you need to think outside the box more. how long you been writing for?

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