Transliteration Request: Stormtrap Asifeh - Fi Hadal Habs

Thread: Transliteration Request: Stormtrap Asifeh - Fi Hadal Habs

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  1. Ryze112 said:

    Default Transliteration Request: Stormtrap Asifeh - Fi Hadal Habs

    If someone could make a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics that would be so amazing. Thanks.

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    gbasfora said:


    Fi hadal Habs (in this prison)

    day after day i try to contemplate what freedom is worth
    and how much time and effort is needed to realize our dreams
    where's the intention? they prefer foreign thoughts and products, colonization, colonialism, and bourgeois interests
    we won't forget, we won't forgive
    all that has happened is recorded on notebooks
    we shall struggle
    imagine a whole nation on your land, fully armed and wanting you to leave
    and you're just sitting on the couch, your only hope is your bank account
    for such shitty people i won't smile
    walking on the street masked
    with a little bit of hope that things will get better
    if you don't give peace, you don't get peace
    maybe tonight i'll sleep in the grave as a consequence of believing in my dreams
    nights without sleep, you'll hear banging on the door and not a bell ring, or maybe you'll even get the message through your ceiling- in that case you'll be counting the pieces!
    a whole family was murdered today
    they aren't my relatives, they aren't the same "color"
    i'll stand with you, no matter how far you are
    --- chorus (x2) ----
    i have the right to be armed, and not naked
    im scarred, physically, psychologically / mentally
    in this prison i have the right to self-defense
    first, i move the division and corruption out of my way
    so i can reach my real enemy
    they try to silence me with a piece of food
    after they dispossessed me, and then accused me
    the ones who survived only saw more brainwashing, racism, and suffering
    another day in palestine
    another episode
    a settler burned down a tree
    a dirty civil war? the bullet goes to my head!
    beg, beg as much as you want
    as long as you dont mind the humiliation and occupation
    i know you obey the shekel
    that's how it is nowadays
    everyone's living in a financial mentality, people are distracted financially
    economic peace fayyad, netanyahu, it's all bullshit
    they want to force us to accept although we don't want to
    do all you can to forget the occupation, the largest plate of knafeh and a model competition
  3. Ryze112 said:


    Those are the English lyrics but I need the original Arabic lyrics
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    gbasfora said:


    you are welcome
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    amira_daou313 said:


    if someone gives the original Arabic lyrics I can try to transliterate for you!
    ♦ Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d'un rêve, une réalité ♦

    Thank You Allah Life Is AMAZING.........
    miss you Lebanon ♥

    Ana Lebnaniye <3 #turnup